Named after the Roman god of fire, the Vulcanus flame grill provides the perfect outdoor cooking experience for bringing together family and friends. As a BBQ you can use the Vulcanus grill all year round, or just relax and enjoy this designer garden feature, as a stylish fire-pit.

Thanks to the different heat zones you can cook virtually anything, from meat and vegetables to sausages and eggs.

The central cooking grid has two positions, either for grilling in direct flame or over hot embers. It can be raised or lowered using an extension, which is also fitted with a circular holder for a cast-iron pot or wok. Just as you can put cookware on the cooktop, this holder will take various types of pots and pans.

The body of a Vulcanus grill is made from a special high-quality steel called COR-TEN, which has a ruby-coloured patina. COR-TEN was originally used in shipbuilding because of its resistance to wet and saline environments, so you needn’t worry about leaving your grill out in the rain, frost or snow. It’s natural, environmentally friendly and will always look as good as new.

The cooktops and cooking grids of Vulcanus grills have a certificate of EU food contact compliance, using them to cook food is therefore 100% safe. It also has superb thermal stability giving lower fuel consumption compared to other grills. This remarkable steel cooktop with its central cooking grid required minimal maintenance, is fully weatherproof and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

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