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With all our years of experience in the fire and flue business, we have built relationships with all of the top brands, as well as some of the smaller more niche manufacturers. This allows us to provide the products required to deliver the quality and reliability expected by our clients. No-body wants a great looking fireplace that doesn't work. Supplying the correct products, at the right price is crucial. For us, it is all about the quality of service. Yes, we are a business, and therefore we do need to make a modest profit, but we add value to our clients. By purchasing the products through us, it is often the case that we can supply what is required, but a a better price than trying to go direct. After all, we have relationships that have been in places for decades in some instances, and we also have the benefit of the higher levels of purchasing due to the multiple projects we are working on at any one point in time.

Purchasing fireplaces through Bespoke allows for a more seamless installation process, with us being able to mange the delivery of products as and when they are needed. This reduces the risk of storing expensive items on what is often a building site. It also means that we can control what is required. When we are supplying all of the goods for a fireplace, we can easily see if anything has been missed from the plan. It is not unheard of for us to find that clients have missed off critical items required for their fireplace.

Bespoke by name, bespoke by nature... If there are items that can't be found to specifically meet your design requirements, then there is always the possibility that we can have them made for you. Some from scratch and others might be existing items that are tailored to meet new requirements. As specialists in the installation and commissioning of fires, we know what is required to meet legislation, and therefore avoid any embarrassing or costly mistakes.

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