Gas Fire Servicing

Bespoke Fire & Flue Services

Our customers value us for the quality we provide.

Bespoke Fire & Flue Services Ltd has been providing gas fire servicing, repairs, supply and installation for over 20 years now. Making us one of the oldest fireplace providers in and around London. Our dedication to a high level of service has lead to a year on year growth within the market. We keep our clients happy by only using engineers that are directly employed by us, as it is difficult to maintain the quality when using sub contractors. Our philosophy is a simple one. A great service for a reasonable price, which means that everyone ends up happy.

We have a full suite of services that we provide which means that we can cater for any requirement related to fires and flues. These services include:

  • Consultancy for the larger projects
  • Project Management
  • Flue Design
  • Supply of fires, flues, fans etc
  • Complete Installation Services
  • Commissioning of fires and fans
  • Servicing into the future
  • Restoration & Repairs

We are not limited to the above, so please call us if there is something else that we can help you with.

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