Draftbooster Stove Fan Extract

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  • Draftbooster Stove Fan Extract Exodraft

    Draftbooster Stove Fan Extract, the ideal fan for your chimney which is easy to light a fire in your wood-burning stove. Draftbooster installs easily on the chimney of your house. It ensures easy lighting of the fire and good combustion in closed wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts, creating ideal conditions, especially during initial operation, when the chimney draught may be limited. A Draftbooster reduces any release of smoke into the room, when the stove door is open for refueling. With a Draftbooster you get the full benefit of your wood-burning stove. With Draftbooster, starting a fire in your wood-burning stove is easy, and adding more firewood is no problem. Please Note: These are not stock items. Call to confirm lead times, which will vary. See our terms and conditions.
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