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  • Chesneys Terrace Gourmet BBQ

    The Chesneys Terrace Gourmet BBQ is beautifully engineered with a smooth control system and attractive curved design guaranteed to enhance your garden or terrace. The large circular grill is big enough to cook for 8-10 people with any of six cooking methods: grilling, roasting, baking, smoking, wok cooking and wood fired pizza. The cylindrical Terrace Gourmet is designed to sit comfortably alongside your other garden products, fitting comfortably into a corner of your patio or garden enabling you to get the best use of your outdoor space.
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  • Chesneys Heat and Grill BBQ

    Chesneys Heat and Grill BBQ is an award winning Heat & Grill with high performance dual-function heater, made for those who love nothing more than firing up the barbecue for a spontaneous outdoor feast or simply looking for ways to use their precious outdoor space more often. The grill size is ideal for rustling up some sausages and burgers for a party of 6-8 using fine grade charcoal or popping a pizza stone on the grill, closing the lid and achieving perfectly cooked crisp pizza in minutes, over kiln dried logs.
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