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  • Element4 Tenor 140

    The Element4 Tenore 140 is a striking see-through, direct vent gas fireplace. This built-in fireplace allows for your installation to have a thoroughly modern and completely trimless finish. Element4 fireplaces feature unique Fire Media options, which sit directly in the flames. Choose between log set, fire glass, white Carrara pebbles, grey stones or our new Landscapes Series of pre-curated media mixes. Scroll down to see them all. So what sets this fireplace apart? The Tenore 140 Tunnel features designer trim, improved tube-style burners, and the E-Save Control System which can save up to 45% on fuel consumption, making for a stylish and efficient fireplace. Moreover, all Element4 fireplaces can be fitted for propane. This model comes standard with an InvisiMesh safety screen; however, it can be upgraded to include a Glass Safety Barrier for the same protection and a 100% clean and trimless appeal. This modern gas fireplace is produced by Element4 B.V., the award-winning fireplace manufacturer from The Netherlands.
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  • Element4 Summum 140 4/S

    The Element4 Summum 140 4 / S is a compact 140 cm wide 4-sided fireplace. With the RealFlame burner, Summum 100 3 / S has a huge realistic fire image and burner bed, which can be supported by LED light. For optimum comfort, the Element4 fireplaces are supplied with a radio remote control. The remote control has an electronic ignition and control system that allows gas savings of up to 40%. The Element4 ProControl set makes it possible to control one or more fireplaces with your smartphone or tablet. With the app you can control the fireplace as with the remote control, but the offers more options. The fireplace has three ECO positions. This allows you to save up to 45% on your gas consumption. The Element4 ProControl is suitable for all smartphones (iOS or Android) and tablets (iOS and Android)
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  • Element4 Sky T

    With an Element4 Sky T fireplace you can enjoy the right amount of heat and an attractive flame picture at any time of the day. The double burner guarantees a beautiful fire experience because the fire is spread over the full depth of the fireplace. In addition, you can easily switch off one of the burners for optimum control of the heat and the flame picture.
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