The Premier Dru Fire for Every Season

The Premier Dru Fire for Every Season which you can enjoy all year round is the Dru Maestro 60 series.  The Dru Maestro 60 series provides you with a choice of three innovative new hybrid fires. Each fire has very interesting, unique and energy-saving features.

These fires are modern, built-in gas fires which include the exclusive DRU Dynamic Flame Burner®. This flame burner ensures you have dense, high, comfortable flames providing a wonderful atmosphere in any room.

For the summer season, you will enjoy fascinating lighting functions with the unique ‘Summerlighting®’. This feature creates a beautiful flame pattern on the rear wall and a stunning glow effect, with minimal or no heat output. This effect is created by the LEDs integrated in the fire bed. These duo-colour LEDs have varying intensity, as well as create a very dynamic and realistic effect. The ideal fire for relaxing summer evenings.

With the Dynamic Flame Burner® you will have a stunning fire and total control of heat output by using the integrated Eco Wave Main burner, providing width and depth in the fire. Furthermore, it is equipped with a second, switchable burner for extra flame height and volume.

The DRU Eco Wave app lets you conveniently control the height and pattern of the flames with your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust the feel and look of the fire to create the ideal atmosphere you would like in any season throughout the year.

These fabulous fires are equipped with the exclusive DRU Easy release door system. The glass door at the front of the fire has concealed hinges that allow it to be opened easily from the top or side without removing any screws. This provides easy access to the interior of the gas fire for routine cleaning and maintenance. The glass window is also completely removable.

Wood Burner Fuel

From 21st February 2020 the UK government announces a new bill on wood burner fuel stoves, which adds to measures already in place to tackle air pollution. The plans are to phase out the sale of coal and wet wood for domestic burning and encourage the use of cleaner fuels in the home.

Cosy open fires and wood-burning stoves are at the heart of many homes up and down the country, but the use of certain fuels means that they are also one of the biggest source of pollutants. By moving towards the use of cleaner fuels its hoped everyone can play a part in reducing pollution.

The Facts

Very simply, standard household coal and wet wood will soon be banned from sale in the UK, but dry wood and smokeless coal are here to stay. The good thing is that they not only produce less smoke and pollution than wet wood or coals but are also cheaper and more efficient to burn.

The Details –

Under the new plans, bagged house coal will be banned by February 2021, while the sale of loose coal direct to consumers from coal merchants will be banned by February 2023. The phase-out of wet wood will also begin in February 2021, although it may remain on sale for some time after that to allow existing stocks to be used up.

This is the latest step in delivering on the challenge the UK Government has set itself, in its world-leading Clean Air Strategy. The UK will continue to be ambitious and innovative in tackling air pollution from all sources, as it works towards its goal to halve air pollution by 2030.

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