Electric Fires

Electric Fires

(not to be confused with electric heaters)

There are few limitations as to where an electric fire can be installed as they do not require a chimney or flue.

At Bespoke we offer a wide range of contemporary electric fires of different shapes and sizes with plenty of options, ranging for 400mm to 1800mm wide. Powered by the latest LED technology and giving a 3D flame effect, these innovative designs add style and luxury to any modern environment.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional look we have sealed units that sit perfectly in a ‘hole in the wall’ setting or cassettes versions to fit neatly into an existing fire basket or fireplace. These fires can take on the effect of a wood fire or stove, giving the feeling of a warm relaxed atmosphere. Many also come with the Opti-myst system, which give off water vapour and the illusion of smoke.

Visually stunning these modern fires are an ideal solution for both domestic and commercial premises where there are no flues or chimneys and where heat or flames may be a safety issue.

Faber E-Matrix 800-500 RD

The Benefits

These fires are low maintenance and have minimal installation cost.

Electric fires that use water to create a flame effect from vapour can be installed almost anywhere.  You can fill them up with water periodically or plumb them into your water supply but do check your water hardness first if plumbing it in, as you may need a filter.

There is no ventilation requirement for an electric fire.  Electric vapour fires consume very little power. You can't burn yourself on the water vapour as these fires produce little warmth.

The LED lights help create the flame look but they don’t get hot like a normal fire.

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