Bioethanol Fireplaces

With the rise in upcycling, recycling, and reusing, people are looking for further ways to help the environment……………...enter the Bioethanol fire!

When it comes to fireplaces, biofuel is the perfect environmentally-friendly solution.

Unlike traditional solid fuel or gas fires, biofuel produces no harmful emissions or smoke to contribute to climate change. Additionally, they also don’t produce any carcinogenic substances or other harmful particles. This is because bioethanol as a source of fuel, doesn’t produce soot, ash or any toxic fumes.

Bio ethanol is a type of specially produced alcohol which is turned into a fuel for bio fireplaces. Derived entirely from plants and waste food, bio ethanol produces no more emissions than the human breath and gives you a naturally burning flame that looks like a gas fire.

Safe to use indoors or as a stylish addition to any outside area, the Bio Fire is perfect in any modern or contemporary living space. These innovative fires provide real flames and heat but unlike conventional fires, do not require a flue or chimney.

There are a many different styles of bio fires. The basic models can be as simple as a small unit often with a glass surround which you fill will the bioethanol to enjoy a real flame experience. Other manual forms include metal troughs of differing shapes and sizes, some also have a flip or sliding door to close off or extinguish the flame.

More sophisticated models are mains powered. These typically have controls on the fire unit itself or for real style and comfort come with a remote control which in addition to the on/off function allow you to increase or decrease the flame height. Other added features include sensors to regulate temperature, overfilling and auto shutdown.

The Bio solution allows you to have a fire where a gas fire would not be possible due to flue restrictions. With few limitations they are also used around water, making them the perfect solution for all outdoor areas, even around the swimming pool.

100% Heat Efficient and Zero Emissions, the benefits are clear.
* No chimney or flue required
* Real flame and heat
* Soot free
* Eco Friendly Bio Ethanol fuel
* Easy to install and low-cost installation and maintenance
* Remote control and manual options
* Indoor and outdoor models
* Made to measure available
* Safety sensors and 'Smart Home' control options
* Can be placed in virtually any location, Commercial and Residential

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