Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweeping and Testing

Any working chimney should be swept and tested on a regular basis to allow free passage of dangerous combustion gasses and avoid creosote build-up, a biproduct of burning fuels such as gas, wood, coal and oil.

Regular sweeping will remove soot, bird nests, cobwebs and any other blockages, it will also increase the efficiency of many appliances.

The frequency of sweeping will depend on several factors which include the type of fuel used, appliance, duration of use and the type of chimney you have. It is also important to remember that if your flue has been lined, the warranty will only be valid if you have the flue swept annually, or in-line with the manufacture’s guidance.

The recommendations below come from the National Association of Chimney Sweepers but are for guidance purposes only. Additionally, we strongly recommend that sweeping takes place before you change or upgrade your fire and particularly if you move to a house with any type of fire appliance.

Smokeless fuel - At least once a year
Wood - Quarterly when in use
Bituminous coal - Quarterly when in use
Oil - Once a year
Gas - Once a year

At Bespoke we offer the perfect chimney sweep service carried out by a qualified and experienced chimney sweep to who will test and certify your chimney. We are mindful of making as little mess as possible and all our engineers are trained to prevent dust escaping during sweeping.

A Healthy Chimney means a Healthy House

In addition to sweeping the chimney/liner with brushes to clean and remove any debris we also look at the following –

*Chimney Terminal and suitability
*Condition of the Stack
*Design and condition of the flue
*Ventilation location and/or size
*Flue integrity and draught test
*Flue Height and Diameter
*Flue construction.
*Remedial works recommended

At the end of the process we provide a written report which comments on the component parts of the chimney/flue system with recommendations, as appropriate. Naturally if we have discovered any serious issues, these will be discussed during the sweeping process.

For more challenging or persistent problems, Bespoke can undertake a visual inspection of the chimney or flue using our portable chimney CCTV inspection cameras to record high quality images and video to identify any potential issues.

Bespoke also offer a Pressure Testing service for flues. The chimney is sealed off at both the top and bottom and by measuring the pressure we can assess the flue to determine if there are any leaks in the system. The equipment then provides a visual printout showing the measurement results.

Worth noting

Increasing numbers of insurance companies require (in the small print) owners with open fires or wood burning stoves, to have their chimney/flue swept at least once a year as part of their terms and conditions.


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