Business Fireplace Solutions

The Planika fire line automatic 3 comes with large range of features, at your fingertips.

Wide variety

Business Services

Over the last 20 years we have collaborated with Interior Designers, Architects and Developers on a huge range of projects, large and small.   Many businesses particularly in the hospitality industry have multiple fireplace installations, all of which need regular maintenance and servicing.

In addition to a wide range of Bars, Restaurants and Hotels we have also worked on a number of luxury residential developments, both new build and those being refurbished.

We have installed Gas, Bioethanol and Electric fireplaces and advised on industry regulations, ‘best practice’ and flue requirements for the various installation.

At Bespoke we also offer full project management to ensure the smooth running of each of your designs. If you have drawings and designs, we would be delighted to take a look before arranging a site visit to discuss your project.

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