Schiedel Chimney Systems

Schiedel, based in the UK is Europe’s leading flue and chimney manufacturer and a world brand. They provide innovative and tailor-made solutions, that are future-proof, durable, eco-friendly and energy efficient. The Schiedel brand stands for tradition and innovation and is a brand people trust.

Made from volcanic pumice the Schiedel Isokern flue liners are for masonry chimneys where the linings are surrounded by brick, block or stonework. Pumice liners are ideal for new build projects as they can be built into the fabric of the property during construction. The FireChest range, Intended to complement the flue liners has been designed to maximise the burning efficiency of wood in an open fire. Made from highly insulating lightweight pumice it comes with a capacity of fire openings up to 1250mm wide.

Schiedel also produce a large range of other flue and chimney products including twin skin flexible chimney liners designed for gas, oil and multi-fuel. Lightweight precision engineered stove pipes and fixings together with modular, single-walled, double-walled and concentric high performance, universal flue/chimney systems and accessories.

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