We have been working with Planika since 2011, and we have an excellent ongoing, long standing relationship with Planika who are based in Poland. Lisa, our Director, first represented Planika at the Idea Home Exhibition back in 2011 to introduce their range of bioethanol fires into the UK .

Planika has unparalleled expertise with modern fire solutions and create some of the most advanced fireplaces in the world.  They offer two approaches to achieve the natural fire effect, using both natural gas and bioethanol.

Planika gas-fireplace systems are available for both indoor and outdoor spaces and are all able to utilise both LPG and Natural Gas.

Planika’s intelligent bio-fireplaces with the patented BEV Technology™ are the most advanced products in the industry. They provide the only solution which ensures the cleanest possible burning process without any smoke, smell or ash. The BEV Technology™ makes the difference, giving unlimited arrangement possibilities and the safest fire in the world.

Planika’s products are widely recognised for embodying fire as an element of interior design. They offer extensive customisation options for many of their products from custom length, colour and decorative accessories, to tailored glazing options and shapes.

Offering non-standard lengths products customers can have fireplaces fitted to specific interior or existing opening. The design also allow the joining of several modules together to create an endless line of fire.

Planika the market leaders, in fireplace designs!

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