Founded in 2008, in the north of Portugal, GlammFire ​​​​plays an essential role in the national and international promotion of Portuguese design. As pioneers and innovators, they have become a world-class luxury brand specialising in the development and manufacture of exclusive fireplaces.

Every Glamm fire is unique. With decades of knowledge sculptured into every piece, their experienced and craftsmanship shines through. Each fire is designed and handcrafted using premium materials.

Synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and uniqueness the Glamm brand is committed to the art of creation, delivering a large variety of exclusive fires. The range includes bioethanol and electric table-top fireplaces, together with fire pits, barbecues and outdoor gas heaters.

Through continuous reinvention of their production process, at the aesthetic and technical level, they constantly rethink how to produce new and exclusive products using the latest materials to help shape the designs. Just some of the reasons why GlammFire is one of the most desired fireplaces brands in the world.

Glamm Thales hanging circular fire in black. Adjustable view with option to twist top or bottom for an ever changing design.

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