Furanflex | Resin Chimney Liner


FuranFlex® is a revolutionary chimney lining system which uses a glass fibre reinforced thermo setting resin, to line the chimney. It is most commonly used in older or listed buildings to bring large open fires back into use, without having to alter the size of the fire opening or install chimney fans.

This material is resistant to heat, flames and corrosion and can be used for chimneys of any shape, dimension and length.

During installation the liner starts in a soft-state and is positioned inside the chimney. As the lining becomes inflated by steam it then takes on the shape of the chimney and is hardened by the effect of the heat. This forms a corrosion and heat resistant composite liner which is airtight and joint free, with hardness comparable to that of steel.

Bespoke Fire and Flue are a fully accredited and qualified FuranFlex® installation partner.

Why use Furanflex include:

- Walls do not need to be demolished

- Lining of the chimney only takes a few hours

- It can be used for all fire types and chimneys

- Joints free in chimneys up to 100 m height and 120 cm diameter

- Smooth inner surface and the heat insulating capacity ensures that appliances operate safely and economically

- FuranFlex® liners have a 25-year corrosion free guarantee.


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