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Chimney Sweeping and Servicing of Stoves in London and Surrounding Counties

It is really enjoyable to have a fireplace in your home. Is there anything better than lighting up a fire ...
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Draftbooster Stove Extract Fans – No More Smoke From Your Stove

There are very few things better than a roaring fire in a wood stove on a winter's night. When the ...
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Our New Range of Woodburning Stoves in London and Surrounding Counties

There is so much to love about having a wood burning stove in your home. They help to keep your ...
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Top 10 Outdoor Fireplaces and heaters for London Homes

What springs to mind when you think of a fireplace? Most people will agree that the immediate image that comes ...
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Electric Fireplaces Are The Future For New Build London Homes

There is more than one way to keep your brand new home warm and cozy. That’s why it’s a good ...
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Why Choose a Bio Ethanol Fireplace For Your London Home

It is important to ensure that your home can keep you warm during the winter months, especially during the bitterly ...
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Dru Metro 100XT Tunnel

The Premier Dru Fire for Every Season

The Premier Dru Fire for Every Season, which you can enjoy all year round, is the Dru Maestro 60 series.  The ...
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Outdoor Heating at its Finest with Bromic

Outdoor Heating at its finest with Bromic, an increasingly popular heating solution for outdoor living. Bromic heaters allow for heating ...
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Wood Burner Fuel

On the 21st February 2020 the UK government will announce a new bill regarding the use of wood burning fuel ...
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